Our Mission & Vision

  • We want to be recognized as a leader in our field. 
  • Our aim is to provide superior quality seals and make POLYSEALS as the most valuable company brand in the industry.
  • We strive to become a specialist in both the international and domestic supply chain, excelling in the provision of all types of technical seals, including automotive oil seals and O-rings.
  • Rapid Growth Projection: 
    - POLYSEALS has grown from a single entity to become a network of local offices throughout Malaysia. 
    - We began as a small start-up with just 5 employees has now grown significantly, boasting a workforce of over 50 dedicated individuals. 
  • From a single field diversified to multiple businesses and a wide array of industries such as hydraulic solution, CNC fabrication, auto car care, food industry imports & exports, food & beverage (F&B), wellness and etc. 
  • Effectively assist and empower our dealers and customers by combining a relentless commitment to excellence with a strong focus on customer satisfaction.
  • Extend our network to the neighbouring countries like the Indonesia, Thailand, and continue to broaden our marketing concept in the Asia-Pacific region.